Sunday, November 9, 2008

Buxoid Update

I have had most of my questions answered by the people at Buxfer, so the software is now really close to release. Here are some new features since the last post:

As you can see, Buxoid now features a tabbed layout so that you don't have to constantly use the menu button to move around. The new menu is shown above.

Some new settings have been added. You can now schedule the update and receive notifications daily rather than having to manually use Menu > Update all the time. Also, you can set a password to protect entry into the program.

This is the budgets tab. Budgets are simply monthly limits for the tags that you have. I'm planning to touch up the bar graphics and use an aesthetic gradient instead of the mono-color ones you see here.You can touch a budget to edit it and you get a simple dialog:

The last tab is the Impacts tab. It shows current outstanding loans/IOUs to friends. If you log a transaction as a loan or a shared bill, it will keep track of who owes who.

Things I have left before release:

  • Add some filters to the transaction view so that you can view by Account or by Tag or both
  • Finish the context-sensitive help feature
  • Add a nice wizard-like dialog for adding in more complex transactions like shared bills
I would only need about a week or so to finish and thoroughly test everything, but I'm moving, so I'm thinking that it will be 2 weeks before release.