Sunday, December 14, 2008

Buxoid Released!

Buxoid is now available on the Android Market. Here's a video overview.

Yes, I do realize that I accidentally added a budget that was already there. Whatever. That was the best take. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Before you do, please note that I am somewhat limited by what the Buxfer API can provide. For example, they currently do not have a call for me to Edit or Delete transactions that are already uploaded to Buxfer. This shouldn't be much of an issue if you already have most of your naming and tagging rules specified. As they add functionality to their API, I will update the program.

1 comment:

天方 said...

I am a buxfer user.I am a chinese.
Some of the tags and account name is in chinese.
So after I set the account in the setting and hit the update button,a window poped up“The application Buxiod(process name.williamwall.buxoid)has stopped unexpectedly.Please try again."
Please help!